Based on many years of experience we have created a unique line of products called Kalmar Radiators, aimed to provide the customers with functional products, featured interesting design and attractive prices. We have combined what the customers value most: idea, convenience and good price. With years of experience in services for retail customers and interior designers we know how to respond to both the utilitarian and aesthetic needs of the customers in the final product versions.

Download catalog Kalmar  (pdf)

Kalmar Ordo

Kalmar Ordo

Kalamar Amica

Kalmar Amica

Kalmar Pilaster

Kalmar Pilaster

Kalmar Splendor

Kalmar Splendor

Kalmar Unica

Kalmar Unica

Kalmar Nobilis

Kalmar Nobilis

Kalmar Vipera

Kalmar Vipera

Kalmar Munda

Kalmar Munda

Kalmar Simplex

Kalmar Simplex

Kalmar Post

Kalmar Post

Kalmar Concordia

Kalmar Concordia